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Not All Spyware Is Malicious But Must Be Removed

Though not all Spyware is malicious they must be removed all the same. The reason being that they will ultimately expand the registry of the system and stall the programs and generally make the system unstable.

Some people believe that you may not always need to remove spyware because Spyware is not always malicious. There are many kinds of Spyware that can infect your PC. Most of them are, thankfully, not uploaded with malicious intent. But why take chances. First of all let us analyze how Spyware comes to get onto the system in the first place. People who browse the Internet come across many sites that offer free download. Clicking on these downloads may bring with it some program in the background or hidden from the user. This may be in the form of ActiveX controls or components. When we download certain programs the download program flashes a message requiring the user to allow the download of an ActiveX control without which the download will not work. This ActiveX control is registered in the CLSID files of the registry. Once the download is complete the ActiveX control stored as a .OCX file begins its stealthy work. Best Spyware removal programs are especially weary of ActiveX controls and remove any malicious looking .OCX files.

Not All Spyware Cause Damage

Spyware is not always illegal. You may have inadvertently agreed to the use of the Spyware by clicking on the 'agree' button without reading the agreement. This kind of Spyware, however, does not carry out any malicious activity. It just collects data off all the Internet sites you visit and mails the information to the host where it came from. This does not mean that you cannot remove it when you want. You can do so with certain free Spyware Virus removal programs that search and remove adware and Spyware as well. There are malicious and downright criminal Spyware as well. This type of Spyware locates personal information such as that pertaining to your credit card or online bank information and is used for criminal activities usually causing a lot of damage to you. The system must be regularly scanned with free Spyware Adware removal utilities and then the registry cleaned with a registry cleaner to make sure the system is always secure.

Run Anti Spyware Every Time You Think Of It

Spyware can be removed from the system by using anti Spyware programs. However the anti Spyware software does not remove the entries of the ware from the registry. Special free anti Spyware removal software is required to do just that. Free anti Spyware removal software such as Microsoft Spyware removal tool, Yahoo Spyware removal utility or any of the free Spyware removal tools can scan the registry for broken links and useless entries that are no longer linked to programs. These free Spyware removal tools will then remove these entries from the registry freeing up disk space and compacting the registry for efficient use.

Effects Of Spyware On The Computer

Spyware has a lot of side effects of the registry. One of the greatest drawbacks is the slowing down of the system. This process will continue until the registry is cleaned with a registry cleaner.

If you have browsed the Internet for a substantial number of hours it is guaranteed that you have downloaded some sort of Spyware to your system, albeit inadvertently. That is the reason it is called Spyware. If it made itself known it would not be spying. Spyware is not illegal software. It is downloaded with the 'permission' of the user. Once the Spyware downloads and installs itself it begins, first of all, to consolidate itself on the machine. It does this by entering its information in multiple parts of the registry. These entries can only be removed with Spyware removal utilities and there are many free anti Spyware and Adware removal tools available to do a satisfactory job for you.

Effects On The Registry

A lot of add-on Internet Explorer tool bars are also Spyware. They constantly monitor the users browsing habits and the type of software that is installed and run on the computer. At times this may be helpful to the user as the relevant advertisements are directed to the browser. However, in the long run this Spyware will definitely slow down the system to a crawl. This malicious software must be removed from the system as soon as possible with free Adware and Spyware removal tools. Spyware is constantly making entries to the registry. This makes the registry grow out of proportion. Since the system has to refer to the registry multiple times in a session, the registry has to be scanned from the beginning every time. Considering that the registry has tens of thousands of records it may take a very long time to scan and locate the information being sought. Spyware keeps adding junk to the registry and this slows the system down.

Removal Technique

Spyware can be removed from the Computer with the use of anti-Spyware utilities. However, these utilities will only uninstall the Spyware from the operating system. The anti-Spyware utilities are not designed to go in to the registry hives and make changes. Going into the registry and removing the entries is very specialized operations and cannot be clubbed with some other software or program. Removing the Spyware entries from the registry is very important. Because once the Spyware determines that the exe file has been removed it will kick in from the registry and reinstall the exe from the Internet site it came from initially. Therefore removing the entries with a registry cleaner is very important. Free Microsoft Spyware removal tools and PC registry Cleaner are good software that can remove all redundant and bad entries from the system registry.

Qualities Of A Good Registry Cleaner

A good free Spyware removal utility will have three facilities such as a registry backup function a restore function and a scan and repair function. It is important that the spyware cleaner make a good backup of the registry just in case the system fails to function properly after the computer clean up.

Does Toothpaste Help Get Rid of Acne?

Home remedies for acne come in all flavors of strange. There's the egg yolk mask, handyman soap scrub, lidocaine rub and even a urine toner. And like any trial therapy, homemade treatments may work sheerly because of the placebo effect. But, does toothpaste posses any properties that support its usage as an acne treatment?

The first place to begin answering this question is to consider the ingredients in common toothpastes and what effect they have on the skin.


In almost any tube of toothpaste you'll find sodium monoflurorophosphate, or simply put, some chemical variety of fluoride. Fluoride prevents tooth cavities. But in the skin, fluoride typically causes more damage that it corrects. For example, medicals studies have reported that large does of fluoride could cause systemic poisoning. Though the amount of fluoride in tooth paste is less than one percent you may not want predispose yourself to risk.

If toothpaste does help acne prone skin, it's most likely not due to the fluoride because this chemical can irritate or burn the skin and sometimes provoke skin allergies.

Glycerin, sorbitol and alumina:

Skimming down the list of toothpaste ingredients, we arrive at agents with the potential to delete zits like hydrated silica, sorbitol, alumina and glycerin. Silica and types of aluminum are used to treat acne via dermabrasive products. However, in the toothpaste, they are too fine to profoundly exfoliate the skin. Sorbitol is a flavoring agent while glycerin makes the toothpaste feel good in your mouth.

Moving on, we come to sodium lauryl sulfate, or the toothpaste bubble maker. You don't need suds to get rid of zits. Next!

Getting rid of calcium:

Now we encounter sodium pyrophosphate, or some relative of this chemical resting in our toothpaste. Sodium pyrophosphate limits tartar deposits on the teeth by removing calcium and magnesium from saliva. It is with this calcium evicting phosphate that we may find a potential acne curative.

Skin levels of calcium directly influence skin cell growth and differentiation. One of the traits of acne includes improper shedding of the skin or improper skin cell separation. And according to research done by Chia-Ling L. Tu and colleagues, too much calcium in the epidermis skin causes more hair follicles to grow, makes the skin more susceptible to outside attacks and increases cell growth.

None of these activities help contain acne so taking away a little calcium from acne prone skin may eliminate a cluster of zits. So we allot a point to pyrophosphate as a possible acne taming agent.

Try these ingredients in a better product and they will help with acne:

Rounding out the toothpaste ingredients are minimal amounts of titanium dioxide and or baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). As far as the skin is concerned, these two agents are wonderful exfoliators, yet in some toothpastes, their presence may prove too small to positively affect the skin.

These guys may also absorb excess facial oils which will definitely help bumpy skin heal faster. As predominant skin care ingredients, titanium dioxide and baking soda sever as wonderful dermbrasion agents, so you may want to try them in this form.

In short. proving whether or not your toothpaste will get rid of acne would require some costly research and you would still have to face the ominous doubt cast by the placebo effect. Toothpaste does contain agents with the potential to control acne like pyrophosphates that improve skin cell shedding, and skin exfoliators like titanium dioxide and baking soda.

The only problem is, toothpaste is formulated to treat and prevent cavities, not pimples. You really can't fully benefit from toothpaste's zit fighting agents because they are not concentrated enough. Instead, use acne products that contain right proportions of bump fighting ingredients, whether you buy them at the drug store or make them at home.


Tu, Chia-Ling L; Oda, Y; Komuves, L & Bikle D. The role of the calcium-sensing receptor in epidermal dierentiation. University of California Postprints; 2004; vol 35, no3, pp 265-273.

Pizza - A Questionable History

What is the real history of pizza? Who knows! There are lots of good guesses. However I found no Internet consensus. Maybe Italy, maybe Greece, maybe Eygpt. I am sure every culture wrestles with it's own claim to pizza fame. For me, I can imagine a caveman flattening out a bread textured mushroom or gourd with his club to make a 'plate', slapping down some pieces of bloody game and a few leaves, maybe topping with some curdled goats milk and throwing it on the fire to heat up. He would eat the whole thing and call it good. And where did this caveman reside? Chicago? Italy? Armenia? Surely there must be an undiscovered sketch of the first pizza carved in a rock somewhere. Or a yet-to-be found fossilized pepperoni supreme buried in a tomb.

Well, whatever, it was interesting to read about the various forms of pizza and of some of the topping origins. Some traced the first pizzas to early Greece where they topped pita bread with assorted foods like goat cheese and olives; others wrote of Italians finally getting up the courage to taste the tomato. Up until about the 16th century Italians thought tomatoes were poisonous. I wonder who they got to try the first one? A Pagan?

In this country it is generally accepted historically that Gennaro Lombardi opened the first pizzeria in New York City in 1895. And that Chicago reigns supreme with the invention of the deep dish pizza.

But another pizza style that is often overlooked, and wonderful is the Armenian meat pie. It is close to a meat covered pizza, but without a dripping sauce. You can find these pies ready-made in LA, San Francisco and New York. Here follows a recipe to make some yourself.

Armenian Meat Pie.



One pound of lean ground beef.

One large can of whole tomatoes crushed and drained.

One medium yellow onion finely chopped

One small green bell pepper seeded and finely chopped.

One teaspoon crushed garlic or to taste.

One quarter cup chopped parsley

One tablespoon fresh mint leaves finely chopped

One tablespoon tomato paste

One half teaspoon each paprika and allspice.

Salt and pepper

One portion of ready made pizza dough .

( Or you can find a from scratch recipe anywhere on the web or cookbook. But why work so hard?)

Divide into 12 balls and flatten into 6-7 inch discs. Place the discs on a lightly greased baking sheet and let rise slightly. Then spread the meat sauce over each disc coming close but not up to the edge. Bake at 375 degrees 25 - 35 minutes.

Here's a quick and easy veggie pizza recipe.

Two packages of dinner rolls. Unroll and place flat on a baking sheet folding up the edges to form a crust edging. Bake for about 7 minutes and cool.


Two eight ounce packages of cream cheese softened with three quarter cup salad dressing and one quarter cup skim milk, one teaspoon dillweed and one teaspoon of basil. Garlic salt to taste.

Spread the mixed ingredients over the cooled crust. Cut up broccoli, cauliflower, onions, green and red bell peppers, carrots and black olives and sprinkle over top. Press this into the cheese topping slightly. Add some grated Romano and Parmesan cheese and bake in the lower portion of your oven for 10 minutes or so.

Etiquette tip: Amy Vanderbilt says that while eating pizza with a fork and knife is ok, generally you can just go for it and use your hands, that's what they're there for. But use a napkin and forget using the tablecloth.

Wines that go good with pizza?

Chardonnay, Beaujolais, and Chianti go well with cheese pizzas.

Pinot Grigio, Pinot Gris or White Zinfandel with pepperoni.

Chardonnay or Syrah with sausage or mushroom and onion.

Sauvignon Blanc with veggie pizza

Sauvignon Blanc or Reisling with Hawaiian.

We prefer ice cold beer on tap. Sorry.